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Arcade Driving

Anyone here given Need For Speed Underground 2 a spin? It looks like a real kick in the ass, but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the game revolving around the tuner culture. Both the places I've lived in have their real-life groups of car molesters, and frankly, I find these people to be a group of morons. I'm not talking about the culture in general, in every city, just where I've lived (just outside of Toronto and just outside of Hamilton) the import tuner set is represented by people with obvious esteem issues, who have good jobs but remain in the basement of their mother's house, because every paycheck is sunk into making their Accord or their Integra into some kind of miniature parade float.

Sorry, getting a bit off topic. Bottom line: can anyone attest to the fact that the gameplay of NSFU2 is worth looking past its subject matter? Or: is it nearly as much fun as Project Gotham 2 or Burnout 3?
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