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Project: Gen X Clan Recruitment

Project Gen-X was conceived from the need to find a community of like-minded individuals. People with lives, family, jobs, and very little time to become an elite player on Xbox live. A place where these people can get together and discuss XBL, their lives, and most of all a place to have fun.

If you are new to XBL, or tired of other forums that may have much younger individuals, this is the place to be.

This clan is more of an Xbox Live Community, who's members are the older generation of ages 18 and older and is a close knit community a place where you can come and chat about everything Xbox and beyond. This is a great community that you can come in and everyone knows you & your name when reading a post. You wont be lost in the hundreds of names normally found in larger forums, instead Project Gen-X is a small community of close freinds who enjoy discussing and playing games.

I invite you over to come in and take a tour and sign-up your gamertag and become an active member of a great community of older XBox Live players. And it doesnt matter what type of games you enjoy playing, our community has members that plays them all, everything from Halo Series, Ghost Recons, First Person Shooters, Sports, Fantasy RPGs, and many more, so we invite you to bring your style of gaming and join this close community of friends!

~Gamertag:Fatal Vision555

Web Address of Clan Community:
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