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d.o.r.k. Takes Toronto - East /West console gaming LAN events - Sat. Dec. 4

The troops are armed - and we're coming, full force, to all ends of the city this Saturday!

First, d.o.r.k. will be helping our allies at MICROPLAY - 1330 Danforth Ave. celebrate their first anniversary!

From 10 am till 10 pm this MICROPLAY location will be rocking, with FREE CAKE, FREE PRIZES, and of course, FREE TOURNAMENTS brought to you by the d.o.r.k. ARMY! This will be a cross platform event, with d.o.r.k. bringing you HALO 2 action on the XBOX, as well as Mario Tennis for the GameCube and WWE RAW vs. Smackdown for the PlayStation 2 - this is your opportunity to play the hottest games out for all 3 of the major systems - ALL FOR FREE!

While battle rages on in the east at MICROPLAY, our 2nd battalion of troops will be moving into position for an evening raid on B-SWEET - 1279 Queen Street West!

Crazy HALO 2 multiplayer combat will begin at 8 pm in the west and will continue late into the night.
B-SWEET is a licensed establishment, so alcohol will be available to those with ID.

So drop whatever plans you thought you had - now you have better plans!

We want the troops out in force for these 2 events - lets make our mark on this city!


** MICROPLAY - 1330 Danforth Ave. (east of Greenwood Subway)

TIME - 10 am - 10 pm
GAMES - Halo 2 (XBOX)
Mario Power Tennis (GameCube)
WWE: RAW vs. Smackdown (Play Station 2)

** B-SWEET - 1279 Queen St. W. (west of Dufferin @ Brock)

TIME - 8 pm - ???
COST - $8 ($5 with flyer/coupon for regularly scheduled Sunday BRAWL@B-Sweet events)
GAMES - Halo 2 (XBOX) - Massive Multiplayer Action

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle..."

General ERROR
a.k.a. Steve
HOTLINE: 416-403-2904

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